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I’m sure we can all admit to being sucked into the home improvement and renovation process. With HGTV constantly showing us ways to update our style, it’s a wonder we don’t change a room a week! And while we meander through paint color, tile backsplash, and the new area rug in the living room, have you stopped to consider your window coverings? While you’re new Jackson Pollack painting is perfectly centered on your living room wall what about those discolored blinds shabbily hanging in the corner?

Don’t leave the blinds for last! New blinds can not only spruce up a new home, but have added a bonus of home efficiency and safety for children and pets.

A New Home. New Blinds.

So you’ve moved into your new home and are excitedly decorating, arranging, and unpacking. But there’s just one thing that doesn’t quite fit with your style: the previous homeowner’s blinds. While they may have loved their window coverings, adding your own touch with honeycomb or plantation shutters can really make your mark on your new home. Plus, adding new window coverings or blinds can give your home a nice, clean feel.

Discoloration or Warping of Old Blinds

A telltale sign of needing new blinds is discolorations or warping. Blinds – even faux wood blinds – fade over the years with exposure to sunlight and frequent movement. Not only are these blinds becoming more and more brittle with time, but are susceptible to cracking and splitting and even may become unable to use. It won’t matter how much your living room has been Joanna Gaines’d if your blinds look tacky your room will have a negative feel.

Window Covering Needs

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to dinner, table set, a hot meal prepared, only to have the blinding sun be exactly in your line of vision. Dinner then proceeds with the blinds drawn down and the room a darkened atmosphere. Perhaps your blinds are no longer meeting your windows’ needs. Take a look at the windows in your home and when they receive the most sunlight. Is your dinner table affected by the evening sunset? Or your bedroom window pierced by the sun’s early rays? Or maybe even your living room is great during the day, but the evening glare truly hinders your local news watching. Take into account what your home’s sun needs are, and then find the right blinds for you!

There are honeycomb style blinds that allow for a partial opening at both top and bottom to ensure sunlight without direct glare. Not to mention these help with heating in the winter to lower the ever mounting electric bill. There are also classy and long lasting plantation shutters that provide open window options as well as a sophisticated, sharp look for your home. Whatever your needs might be, rest assured there are options for you!

Safety for Kiddos

Along with putting plastic covers in all your outlets, cabinet locks on all your doors and making sure the bathroom door is closed, blinds should also be a factor you consider in your child (and even pet’s!) safety. Loose and hanging cords can be a hazard for young and curious children – not to mention eye candy for that equally curious feline. And along with the safety concerns, children are prone to grab, tug, and pull on blinds. So choosing something that is durable – and most definitely easily cleanable – will save you much heartache and stress in the future. Make window gazing fun and safe for the kiddos in your home!

So whether you’re going all in for a total home renovation, or just sprucing up the place, take a good look at your window coverings. Once you know what your home truly needs in the way of sunlight and safety, you can make the right choice for you and enjoy the luxury of beautiful windows that would make even HGTV proud.

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