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Honeycomb / Cellular Shades

Honeycomb / Cellular Benefits

  • Great Insulation
  • Wide Variety of Light Control
  • Lightweight
  • Can be Mounted on Doors with Glass Panes (French Doors)
  • Noise-dampening Properties

Available Options

  • Motorization
  • Blackout
  • Top-down Bottom-up
  • Continual Cord Loop
  • Specialty Shapes, Cutouts, & Arches

Solutions & Complimentary Products for Doors

  • Cellulars can be mounted on doors with glass panes (French doors)
  • Exciting options for sliding glass doors
  • Panel track – great for any opening you want to section off

A New Twist on Cellular Blinds

2” Hybrid Pleat gives a new look to the Cellular Blinds with a larger, crisp pleat
Honeycomb shades have become some of the most desirable types of shades in contemporary interior design. Also called cellular shades, these types of blinds resemble a bee’s honeycomb both because of their unique design as well as the type of construction they entail. Honeycomb shades have the advantage of providing excellent insulation and, depending on the type of shade, a number of options for controlling how light seeps through. These types of shades have become a very popular choice, particularly in the past few decades.

The three different types of honeycomb designs these come in are the single, double and triple honeycomb types. In addition, honeycomb shades also come in a range of colors, textures and styles as well as a variety of pleat sizes. At Affordable Blinds, we offer these types of blinds in an assortment of opacities which range from sheer to completely opaque or “blackout”, depending on your personal needs and preferences.

Adjustable Honeycomb Shades

In addition to a range of built-in features, honeycomb shades also offer a range of optional features, such as the top-down and bottom-up options. These two features allow you to raise the shade from the bottom up as well as drop it from the top of the window down. You can choose from a range of different mechanisms, the continuous cord loop as well as a range of cordless options. If you are interested in this option, you can even select to motorize the shades for an even more convenient experience and added light control for hard to reach windows.

Cellular Shades are also easily mounted on doors with panes of glass. Tie down brackets are used to keep the bottom of the blinds in place when the door is opened or closed. For sliding glass doors complimentary products are Sliders or Slide-Vue™ These units have a larger pleat or honeycomb cell and offers all the benefits of the honeycomb window shades and come in all the same popular colors and fabrics.

One additional feature of cellular blinds is they do have a noise dampening property. If there are a lot of hard surfaces in the home such as concrete floors, Honeycomb Blinds may assist in keeping the “echo” down. Of course the results will vary due to size of your space and size of your windows etc.

See Video Below:  It’s so easy with Cordless Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU) Hybrid Honeycombs! The larger pleat gives a classy & cozy look while the TDBU & Cordless features give you total control of light and privacy.


A light push or pull on the handle lifts or lowers the shade to any position. With no visible cords, cordless shades offer a clean look, and provide added child and pet safety.
Press a button on the bottom-rail handle to lift and lower the shade. Release the button to securely lock the shade into place. A child-safe option.
Operates with a simple pull cord that can be locked in any position desired. Cleats help keep cords taut so kids and pets are safe.
Available for individual units or multiples.  Battery-operated motorized system lowers and raises shades with the touch of a button. Perfect for hard-to-reach windows or everyday light and privacy control.
Raise over-sized or heavy shades with ease and convenience. The cord loop remains a constant length while the cord tensioner eliminates dangling cords for enhanced child safety.
Vertically-oriented shade opens from side-to-side, making it ideal for sliding glass doors, closets & room dividers.
Stationary and fan-fold arches available.
Versatile honeycomb is a great choice for many window shapes such as angles, hexagons, octagons, and more.
Choose manual or convenient motorized operation. Shades beautifully coordinate with other windows in the room.
Two independently operating shades share the same head-rail for a cleaner, more unified look.
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