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As a homeowner, it is an unpredictable economy. You can upgrade your home while looking to maximize energy efficiency year-round is to customize your home blinds. Depending on how the sun hits your home, you can pick and choose the type of blinds that will best keep the heat in— or out— depending on the season.

Cellular/Honeycomb Blinds

If you’re looking to lock in the warmth for the winter months and, keep your space cooler in the summer, honeycomb blinds are a popular and stylish way to insulate a room. There are countless ways you can customize these blinds, from single, double, or triple honeycomb types, to varying opacity, color, and pleat sizes. Opacity can range from light filtering to light blocking. The honeycomb design is perfect for adding another barrier to the cold winter weather. Honeycomb blinds have a noise-dampening property which is perfect for a room or space with lots of tile or concrete. These are the ideal blind for any space you want to have more natural climate control. Light blocking fabric is a great option for a nursery or bedroom, or to curb reflection off of TVs and devices. Light filtering tends to be more popular for a living room or office space.


Considering something more substantial? Shutters are an elegant and durable addition to any room that offers an elevated look while also providing insulation since they are attached to your windows. These type of blinds are available in wood or composite. They are definitely designed to last. As Composite Shutters are moisture-resistant, they are an excellent option for providing a streamlined appearance to your kitchen, dining area, or bathroom. With the wide louvers (slats) Shutters also provide optimal light control as the louvers can be tilted to adjust the amount of light coming into a room.

Roman Shades

Interested in livening up a room with lovely fabrics, patterns, colors, and thermal protection? Then Roman shades are the perfect option! They combine the ease and beauty of a drape without the added bulk and accessories to manage. The backside of the Roman shades may be is lined with fabric for added light control. Lining with insulation can also reduce heat, cold, and noise transfer. Another wonderful option for a bedroom, nursery, or family room.

Investing in your home is a long-term commitment. We want to be there to help you make the decisions that are right for you. Our friendly staff is trained to help you navigate the big stuff. Be on your way to enjoying a more comfortable and “affordable” living environment!

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