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Blinds and Window Coverings

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much your window coverings and blinds add to your home? While you may sometimes overlook them in the day-to-day routine, your blinds not only give your home a sophisticated look (because without blinds, windows are just holes in the wall, right?), but they add energy efficiency as well as access to those scenic mountain views around your house. So let me tell you a few reasons why windows treatments, like blinds or window coverings, are not just an aesthetic piece to your home, but an essential component!

Blinds Provide Light Control

Light control can mean a lot of things to different people. For night shift workers, it’s a godsend that enables precious sleep. For hard-working individuals who need that extra hour of rest on weekend mornings, keeping out light is a welcomed comfort. And if you’ve ever encountered an early rising toddler, you can only imagine the weighted benefit of keeping light out of those wee morning hours to ensure longer peaceful slumber.

But light control can easily be more than just adding sleep-filled minutes. Ever tried watching the big game on a Sunday afternoon, only to have your cheering thwarted by the annoying glare on the screen? And still, there are those with a medical-sensitivity to light that greatly affects migraines (Hint: solar shades are great for this!). Being able to dim or block out light in certain rooms allows you to continue to perform tasks that would otherwise be too painful.


Using Blinds, window treatments and window coverings for privacy

Using Blinds, window treatments and window coverings for privacy

It seems obvious that window coverings offer privacy, but what about privacy and visibility? With traditional blinds or window coverings, you are granted visibility when the blinds are turned open or fully raised. When turned open, you can still catch those early morning sunrays over your cup of joe without feeling like the brightness of a thousand suns is streaming down on you as you fumble with the creamer. As the day progresses you can gain full visibility when raising corded blinds to guarantee your houses lighting needs (and your mood) is met.

But there are still more options! Top-down cellular and honeycomb blind options are a different style of coverings that provide various views and privacy. These blinds can be raised from the bottom upward or lowered from the top downward. With these types of blinds, you can catch that beautiful sunrise over the mountains and grasp the last reflecting hues of the evening sunset with all the manner of privacy you desire.

Window Coverings = Energy Efficiency

If you live in Durango, CO, then you’ll understand how vital blinds are to energy efficiency during those cold winter months. With so much heat quickly escaping through windows, it’s a wonder we ever open our blinds at all! But rest assured, with honeycomb blinds you receive a higher level of heat retention than with any other window covering option. So when closed at night they help keep heat inside where you want it. During the day you can raise them partially to have those scenic views you desire without losing all that precious heat. You shouldn’t have to choose between staying warm and enjoying the beauty around you!

And let’s not forget about the summer heat. With traditional blinds you have the option to partially open blinds, deciding how much heat you would like to let in. In doing so, you keep heat from penetrating your home and zapping all the hard work your AC is doing. So regardless if you’re trying to keep the warmth in or out, window coverings offer you choices in style as well as increased efficiency. Your wallet will thank you! Your family will when they can pack away their parkas and their misting fans.

Quality of Service

quality of service in duango co for blinds

Many customers assume blind installation is an easy task – that is until they have a poor experience. Don’t let this be you! Our team has 25 years of installation experience (Check out Shane’s bio here).

These skills are invaluable, as there are a plethora of factors involved in having blinds work properly and efficiently – things that are probably overlooked in the initial buying process. To begin there are casement depth and height of your windows. Some blinds may seem like they will fit your specifics, but upon trying to install, you’ll soon discover the sheer lack of room and the crammed, ill-fitting look they will provide.

Our team can assist you in assessing limitations like these, and other hinderances that may arise. For instance, shutters may look fantastic in that corner nook by your antique bookshelves, but they will have limited maneuverability in that tight space leading you to never peruse your Plato and leave your Faulkner fading in the shadows.

And for some, cords are actually a better option for windows located in difficult locations. Here a cord would provide a practical and easy option for the opening. Our staff is well versed in the benefits and limitation of all the products we carry to ensure our customers the absolute perfect selection to meet their home needs.

But beyond our excellent products, we believe our quality of service also resides in the fact that we are a small staff. Our staff is not only highly trained and competent but excited to work with you from start to finish. We are a tightknit bunch who are committed to customer satisfaction. Staff size ensures we reach our high standards of service for our customers time and time again.

Quality of Installation

shane is the best in his installation skilld of blinds, window treatments and window coverings

Shane installing a wood blind.

To coincide with the excellent service we strive for a superior installation experience. For starters, all installations are performed by the owner(s) to ensure quality control and customer contentment. You can feel comfortable knowing the same people who assisted you in selecting your window coverings are also there to see them properly installed.

Secondly, during the install, any existing units are removed from the windows and dealt with at the customer’s discretion. Feel free to keep them if you wish to use them elsewhere, or let us take them off your hands for you!

Lastly, we take great lengths to leave your home as clean as we found it. Thus, we won’t track in mud and dirt from outside into your home. We tape ladders for higher windows to avoid scratching paint and walls and to keep them from rubbing wood floors. Any debris or mess that naturally occurs during the process is swept up to leave you with one less job to do.

All bi-product form the window coverings (i.e. bubble wrap, foam sheets, cardboard boxes) is recycled or properly disposed of – unless you have a need for it! Please let us know if any of these materials would be of use to you, as that helps keep it out of landfills.

And to top off our installation, we perform a final check of your new units to make sure everything is in perfect working order. But it’s not enough for us to know they work well, we also take the time to walk the customer through proper operation and care for your new blinds. This helps us know that we’re leaving you not only with a beautiful new set of blinds but a set of blinds that will last you for years to come.

All in all window coverings are an essential part of every home, from aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency to safety, privacy, and ease of use. With all the possible options available, our team is sure to help you find the perfect fit for your home. And with our guaranteed knowledge and quality of service, you’ll have full confidence that we not only know what we’re doing but have your best interests at heart. After installation, you’ll be enjoying the updated look, the benefit of added energy efficacy, and reveling in the surrounding views. Don’t get stuck with drab coverings, invest in your home today and enjoy the benefits right away!

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